Winning Elections through Digital Organizing

You know you have to knock on doors to get out the vote. But are you taking full advantage of the opportunity to meet voters on the device that sits right in their pocket? 

In too many campaigns, the team that knocks on doors and the consultants who create online ads never sit in the same room.

There are some simple ways you can utilize your field data to create a powerful digital outreach campaign: 

  • Target voters on social media using real field lists. With good communication, your NGP/VAN, Votebuilder account, or connected API can feed exact names and addresses into your social media ad campaign, making digital ads an extension of your field effort.
  • Send digital ads to NEXT week’s canvassing targets. Think of how nice it will feel when the person answering the door has already heard of your campaign.
  • Create lookalike audiences to expand your reach. Good digital marketers can use existing field lists to find additional registered and unregistered voters who match the demographics of their current targets.
  • Monitor digital audience sentiments to inform your field strategy, and share field insights with your digital team. Various digital programs, along with feedback from the doors, can reveal digital and in-person audiences’ reactions to campaign messaging. If you’re receiving too much backlash, you may be wasting your time and money on the wrong targets. 
  • Meet gen z where they are. If you’re not on Youtube, Youtube TV, and streaming TV apps, you’re not reaching America’s #1 set of reliable progressive voters, even if you have worked every field list to death. Work with digital marketers who can adapt your message to all platforms. 

If you look at candidates who are moving our country forward and winning elections, you’ll find a strong mix of traditional field and digital organizing. 

Without these two arms of the campaign working together, you’re missing out on a key opportunity to reach thousands of voters, and you’re wasting precious resources of time and money. 

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